Best Poker Decks – The Bicycle 1800 Marked Deck

If you’ve ever played a game of poker, you’ll know how important it is to choose the right deck. It should be sturdy enough to be used on the road or in a camping setting. There are many options available, and this list will help guide you in choosing the right one for you.

Bicycle 1800 Marked Deck

First of all, this deck is designed to look genuinely ancient and warn. The fake aging process makes the cards and tuck boxes look worn, crackled, and broken. They are printed using high quality Bicycle cards and have a handy gaff that allows you to create colour changing deck effects.

Instead of using the traditional clock-style markings that are used in some marked cards on this page, this deck distinguishes between white scratches and dark stains. It is a system that requires attention.

1900 Series Weathered Cardsmarks

The 1900 Series is perfect for those who enjoy playing cards with an antique look. The backs of these decks are a beautiful blend of rustic and modern, with rope-outlined pips and subtle touches of metallic ink. They are printed on thin-crushed paper, which gives them a linen magic finish that is perfect for handling and holding.

The tuckbox and cards have a simple appearance and stylish foil. This instantly conveys luxury and class. It’s a stunning set of cards that will be distinguished from other decks.

NOC Decks

The NOC (Nothing Only Color deck) is one of the most well-known types of magic decks. It has a minimalist design that allows you to read cards without spreading them. They don’t have a full marking system, but there is an amazing secret marking system that is so well concealed that even trained magicians cannot find it.

1900 Series Mechanic Playing Cards

The Mechanic decks also have an amazing secret. They don’t use clock-style marks like other marked decks. Instead they use a system that is thematically linked to chess and point values.

These cards come in red and blue Bicycle Rider Backs. They are made by USPCC using classic crushed stock. They are slightly thicker than other standard Bicycle cards, but they are still very soft and easy to hold.

You’ll need to practice a little to master the markings, but it’s a great trick to have on hand for all your card tricks!

The 1900 Series Bicycle Riderbacks are another popular choice for magicians as well as cardists. The decks are also available in blue and red Bicycle ridersbacks. They were made by USPCC using the exact same classic crushed stock as other bicycle cards.

The tuckbox and cards look aged but they’re a great addition any magician’s library. Although they aren’t as durable than the weathered-decks listed here, they’re a great way add some history to your next performance.