Cheating in Plain Sight – The Rise of Poker Cheating Glasses

Poker Cheating Glasses: Cheating in Plain Sight

Sunglasses are ubiquitous at the poker table these days. Even the most famous poker players on TV (Chris Moneymaker or Phil Hellmuth) wore sunglasses when they first became famous. Why are they banned from some casinos? It could be because it is illegal to cheat with them.

Wearing special sunglasses to see invisible ink marks is the most common cheating method in poker. These sunglasses are designed so that players can easily read the marks on back of cards by filtering the green light. The glasses are also disguised as regular sunglasses so that other players cannot easily tell you’re cheating.

Another way to cheat is to use a secret message app to communicate with your partner while you play poker. Various apps that are marketed to be stock market trackers and calculators can conceal secret messages and sexting images. Some of these apps can even geotag a fake location to mask the true destination of your phone’s signal.

It’s impossible to stop someone from cheating when playing poker, but you can learn how to spot the signs. Whether you’re concerned about a stray text or just feel a fleeting pang of doubt, knowing what to look out for can help soothe the frantic thoughts in your head until you can confirm or deny your suspicions with concrete evidence.