How to Read Marked Cards

how to read marked cards

If you’re looking for a way to cheat at gambling, you may be wondering how to read marked cards. These cards have hidden markings that can’t be seen with normal eyes, and are often used in magic shows and casino gambling.

There are many different types of marked cards. Some are luminous, others use video-luminous markings, and some have special markings that are difficult to spot. These markings are made with invisible ink and can’t be detected by a normal illuminator.

Luminous Marked Cards

The luminous marks on these cards cannot be seen with ordinary sunglasses, and need special filtered glasses or contact lenses to read the marks. They are usually used for poker games and other card games where you can’t see the cards with your naked eyes.

These cards have been specially designed with luminous ink that can burn through the spectral range of visible light, and the ink is not detectable by a normal UV filter. Depending on the type of luminous ink, different filters are required.

You can also find strong infrared ink marked decks, which have a special IR camera to help you read the markings. These are best for Texas Holdem games where you can’t see the cards through the luminous contact lenses or sunglasses, and need a strong infrared camera to read them well.

Video-Luminous Marked Cards

These types of marked cards are also used for gambling, and can be analyzed after the game is over to determine whether there was collusion or not. The marks on these cards can’t be seen by the human eye, and they are detected by custom-designed electronics and a luminous filter that is displayed on a television monitor in a separate room to a partner of yours.

When you’re using these cards, you need to be careful not to show any of them to a spectator in case they can spot the marks and make a guess. This can lead to a bad reputation and possibly losing your business, so be sure to only show the marked cards to people you trust.

Other ways to identify these marked cards include the “riffle test” and flipping through the deck quickly. These methods aren’t foolproof, but they can be a good start for identifying marked cards.

How to Read Side Marked Cards

The best way to read the sides of these cards is with a poker scanner that’s able to scan them and send signals to a poker analyzer. This method is the number one dealer choice for cheating at Texas Hold’em, but it can also be used in other card games.

Using a poker scanner can be very difficult for beginners, but you can find a simple system that will allow you to get your hands on one of these devices. This poker scanner will allow you to know the cards before they are dealt, and will give you an accurate hand prediction as soon as you press the button.