Poker Carda Glasses

Poker carda glasses are specially designed to help poker players detect invisible ink marks on the back of marked cards. These marks are usually made up of numbers and suits. These glasses can be used in magic shows and poker tourneys. These poker sunglasses are fashionable and safe for the eyes.

They look like regular sunglasses and are difficult to detect by other players. They are also a good choice for people with sensitive eyes because they do not touch your eyeballs and can prevent dry or irritated eyes. They are a great alternative to contact lenses and can even help your eyes heal if they are damaged.

These glasses are comfortable to wear and easy to use. They are also cheaper than Poker Armor and have a similar frame style. They may not be as durable as they are high-quality.

It is important to get a pair of poker carda glasses for your poker game, but make sure you choose one that fits you well and looks stylish. You can also find a range of different colors and designs. This can help you find the perfect pair for your unique personality.

Wearing poker carda sunglasses is essential when playing poker at home or in a casino to avoid being caught cheating. Poker is a strategy game, and your opponent can tell if you have a strong hand or not. It is important to practice your poker moves at home before playing in a casino.