Poker Cheating – Marked Cards

Poker is either perceived as a magnet for shady characters and gamblers or as a gentlemen’s game where one’s word is their bond. The truth lies somewhere in between, but cheating does occur at the poker tables.

There are many ways that players can cheat at poker, but the most common is through card marking. This process involves altering the cards in a way that is only visible to the marker or conspirator. Marks can be made on a single card or on the entire deck. Marks on a card can be as simple as slightly crimping the corner or scratching the back with a ring or fingernail. More sophisticated techniques involve a special chemical called “juice,” which is used to create a variety of variations in the color pigments on the back of the card. The aces and kings are the most commonly marked cards in poker, but more subtle marks can be hidden on lower ranking cards as well.

The best thing that a poker player can do is keep their eye on the other players at their table and look for any suspicious behavior, such as excessively looking at the cards or constantly touching the cards. If they appear to be trying to monitor the cards, it could be a sign that they are using a secret marking method. In addition, poker players can also try to use luminous contact lenses or sunglasses that help them detect marks on the back of cards.