What Are Infrared Marked Cards?

Infrared marked poker cards are special poker cards which can be read using infrared cameras. They are different than luminous ink decks and barcode marked cards, as they can be read only by poker cheating devices with specific infrared lenses. It is important to understand the differences between these marking decks before selecting one for a game.

The IR marked cards look exactly like ordinary playing cards from the outside, and they feel the same as well. It is important to keep your poker cheating partner from knowing that you have marked cards. The infrared marker is placed on the back of the card and is not visible to the naked eye. The marking is a series dots and lines that are invisible for the naked eye, but visible with a specialized infrared lens.

When you play a game with the IR marked cards, the infrared camera will pick up on these invisible marks and send the information to your poker analyzer or earpiece. The data is processed and sent to you so you can know what the outcome of the game will be before the game even begins!

Infrared camera marked playing cards are not like barcode or luminous ink marked cards. They can be used by one person. They don’t require a poker scanner or poker analyzer, and can be used in any environment. They are a good choice for those who want their poker cheating system to work properly and not be detected by others.