Bicycle Rider Back Best Marked Deck | Contact Lenses For Cheating Playing Cards


Bicycle Rider Back best marked deck and other poker cheating device can help you win more at poker gamble.

We’ve infrared marked cards, barcode marked cards, sunglass lenses, contact lenses, poker analyzer, scanner camera, weighted dice and many other gambling cheating devices.

We can customize any poker cards and cheating device. Just communicate us right now with a single click, And get the best high- quality products in the entire industry.

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There are special invisible infrared marks on the back of the Bicycle Rider Back best marked deck. Since the marks are totally invisible to human eyes, you can see nothing different from the ordinary Bicycle playing cards. We use the real Bicycle playing cards from the USPCC to make the Bicycle marked cards. So they look totally the same as ordinary bicycle playing cards.


You need to wear infrared contact lenses or sunglasses to see the marks.  As saw by the following image. Through the filter in the center of the infrared contact lens, you can see the marks very clearly.

Marked Cards for Blackjack Cheating

Take Blackjack for example. Blackjack is a poker game in which players need to add up the cards points. 21 points is the biggest hand which is called blackjack and the points can??t be over 21 points. If you can know the cards in advance, you can see your opponents?? cards and better decide whether to get a new card. Bicycle Rider Back marked playing cards can increase your winning odds in gambling.

Infradred IR Marked Playing Cards

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