Copag 4 Colour Luminous Ink Infrared Plastic Juiced Cards


Copag 4 colour infrared marked playing cards, original Copag playing cards, useful cheating device in poker games.

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Copag 4 colour deck is a kind of cheating marked deck, which looks just like the normal cards, but when you see them with special contact lenses or glasses, you will see the things that other people can’t see, is it amazing?

Poker games are more and more popular in most of countries, so choose one type of good invisible ink playing cards to improve your poker games is necessary, the Copag 4 color cheating deck can give you different experience.

Copag 4 Color Cards

Copag 4 Colour Index Series are 100% plastic playing cards that will bring a new element to your game. The card suits are not just black and red, but use a different color for each suit. Black for spades, blue for diamonds, green for clubs, and red for hearts. The four color playing card has been growing in popularity for years in Europe and is gaining a strong fan base in the United States as well.

  • Includes one red deck and blue deck
  • Poker size, Jumbo index
  • Clubs are Green
  • Diamonds are Blue
  • Hearts are Red
  • Spades are Black

Copag 4 Colour infrared Cheating Cards

Copag 4 colour deck marked cards with infrared invisible ink marks on the back  can help you cheat with the assistance of infrared contact lenses. This kind of  infrared ink cheating cards can not be read by infrared spy camera lens. So you don’t need partners or other device such as TV of cell phone Screen.  You can just wear the invisible ink contact lenses or infrared sunglasses to enjoy your poker games secretly.

Copag 4 color back cheating cards can also be marked for IR camera lens, which can’t be seen by invisible ink contact lenses or infrared glasses. They can only be seen by IR camera lens. If you offer the place to play poker games, the set of IR Copag 4 color marked cheating cards and IR spy camera is a good choice for you, because they can’t be detected by poker glasses and very safe. However, you need to have a partner who can read the invisible marked decks in another room for you.

Copag 4 Colour Marked Cards

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