Copag Poker Club Barcode Marked Playing Cards


Copag Poker Club barcode marked cards, made using original playing cards from the Copag. It works with some analysis device, poker analyzer etc. Player can get game results within a second.


The Copag Poker Club are very popular playing cards all over the world, especially in the US. It is really suitable for cheating at poker. The poker analyzer can tell you the results of the poker games before the games start. For this poker cheating device, you need the barcode marked playing cards.

We use the original Copag Poker Club playing cards. There is no difference between our marked cards and the original Bicycle playing cards in appearance.

We directly make the invisible barcodes on the side of the orginal Copag Poker Club cards. You don??t need to worry about the opened box since we can make it the same as it looks as original.

The analysis device, such as poker analyzer and poker scanner camera can identify the invisible barcodes and give the player the results of poker games. So you can decide how to bet according to the results. It??s really easy to use.


We are the source manufacturer of Marked Cards in China.

We are not only a product manufacturer but also the oldest and largest marked cards R&D of gambling cheating technology. All of the manufacturers use our previous technology to produce gambling cheating devices including marked playing cards.

There is no doubt that we won??t give them the most advanced technologies. The best technologies are only applied to our own products.

Our barcodes of marked playing cards are much more stable than others. Some of their barcodes will expose to the human eyes after several weeks. But ours are invisible forever.


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