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Bicycle Prestige infrared contact lenses pokerand other poker cheating device can help you win more at poker gamble.

We’ve infrared marked cards, barcode marked cards, sunglass lenses, contact lenses, poker analyzer, scanner camera, weighted dice and many other gambling cheating devices.

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Bicycle Prestige infrared contact lenses poker are the popular cheating devices in marked deck tricks. Bicycle, as one of the most popular poker brands, has been favored by poker players and magicians all over the world. Bicycle Prestige is one of the most representative and popular decks of Bicycle brand. With great flexibility and unmatched durability, it??s the only 100% PLASTIC cards but can offer a paper-like feel. Bicycle Prestige playing cards are available in poker clubs, magic shows and gambling casinos.

Bicycle Prestige Infrared Contact Lenses Poker

We mark Bicycle Prestige poker decks by a poker printer with special ink. Bicycle Prestige poker cheat cards for contact lenses are marked on the backs. Generally, a big font in the middle is favored by many poker players because this marks can be seen clearly even from 3 meter away.

After printed, these marked cards can last for several months even if you often play them. The luminous marks can maintain about 1-2 years if you don??t open the package. The marking ink we use is invisible for our naked eyes. From outer appearance, there is no difference between Bicycle Prestige infrared contact lenses poker and original poker cards. It won??t cause other players?? suspicion.

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