Latest Invisible Ink Cheating Cards Contact Lenses V23


Latest Poker cheating device, can see through playing cards marking with invisible luminous ink marks.


Our latest infrared contact lenses V23 is one of the best contact lenses for marked playing cards. The contact lenses are much more complex than playing cards.

With the Infrared contact lenses and the IR marked playing cards, you can know all the cards in others?? hands. So you can imagine that you will win poker gambling very easily.

As we all know, IR light is invisible to the human eyes. So we make infrared marks on the back of playing cards base on this characteristic.

Because our marked playing cards are based on real playing cards, like bicycle, bee, Copag, Fournier, and so on.

Our infrared marked playing cards look the same as ordinary playing cards. So you will never be caught using cheating playing cards.

Similarly, our infrared contact lenses based on the best normal contact lenses. In the center of the contact lenses is an IR(UV) filter. With this filter, the IR light can be changed to visible light to the human eyes.


You can see the filter in the following image. It is purple. Some people may have questions after reading this. ??My eyes are blue, not purple.?? Indeed so, but that??s your iris blue, not your pupil. Follow me, you will know everything.

Infrared Contact Lenses

In the following image, you can see no matter what color your iris is, your pupil is black. As we all know, every color adds black becomes black. So even the filter is purple when you wear the contact lenses, their filters become black. Because your pupil is black.

Contact Lenses

So others can??t find you are wearing cheating playing cards contact lens. You can use them very safely.

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