Quality iPhone 13 Pro Max Phone Analyzer Poker Scanner System


Latest poker cheating analyzer, iPhone 13 pro max, which is the newest and the best poker scanner system so far in the market.


What is the iPhone 13 Pro Max phone analyzer poker scanner system?

Poker phone analyzer is a card cheating device that could tell you about the best hand in the game, even the suit and value of each card. It is a type of cheater that could help in winning the playing card games. The normal poker games, such as Texas Holdem, four cards/five cards Omaha, BlackJack, Baccarat, are the default games of the phone analyzer. You can also customize your game, just need to give the game rules to the technician.

Poker Analyzer Games


For the outer appearance, the latest phone analyzer device is the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s one to one customized. For the function, it is the same as the standard smartphone, like texting and calling. There is one thing that makes the poker analyzer is special from the average iPhone 13 Pro Max, that is the poker scanner camera, to read the code cards remotely.

iPhone 13 Pro Poker Analyzer
iPhone 13 Pro Max Poker Analyzer

How The Cheating Poker Analyzer Works?

The phone analyzer poker scanner works with barcode marked cards. The scanning camera inside the phone analyzer will read the invisible ink markings which are on the edge of the poker cards, and then the system will analyze the markings and infer the winner of the game. The user can receive the game result by a mini earpiece, or you can read it on the phone screen instead. By the way, the scanning system can run backstage. So you don’t need to worry about others who will notice your phone. In case players are joining or exiting the game and affect the game result, there is a remote control to change the number of players during the game.

How Cheating Poker Analyzer Works
How Cheating Poker Analyzer Works
How Cheating Poker Analyzer Works
How Cheating Poker Analyzer Works

Report Modes Of The Cheaing Poker Analyzer

For example, report player 2 is the first winner.


The poker analyzer??s speaker will call ??two??, or when you use a mini earphone, you can hear ??two?? from the mini earphone.


The poker analyzer will show a digital clock on the screen. For example, when the poker analyzer shows 10??31??02. The ??02?? means the player ??2?? will be the first winner.


There is a vibrator that can connect to the poker analyzer. It will shake twice, that means the player 2 is the first winner.

How Cheating Poker Analyzer Works
How Cheating Poker Analyzer Works

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