Tiny Wireless Earphone For Poker Analyzer


Tiny wireless earphone, used in cheating poker game, is worked with poker analyzer, which can calculate the results of the poker game in a second.


The wireless earpiece is playing a important role in the poker games. Without the mini wireless earpiece, you cannot receive the results after the poker analyzer analyzing no matter you have superb poker winner system. Thus, do not look down upon the mini wireless earpiece.
Compared to other wired common earpiece, the wireless earphone is mainly applicable to some objective is not exposed or not exposed for headphones or headset lead their own occasions, such as poker room, casino room and private room. You can bring it to any poker games and no one will notice it for this type of mini size earphone can be entirely hidden in the ear canal. Also, it is very easy to carry and simple to operate.
This mini earpiece could be used for poker analyzer, poker scanner, poker predictor and poker cheating devices, etc. The wireless earpiece is absolutely a practical tools.


The poker analyzer can scan the barcode marked playing cards and calculates the results. You can receive the results by display mode or sound mode.

The poker analyzer will show the results in the clock under the display mode. For example, when the analyzer shows 15:08:02 and you set to report the best hand, the ??02?? means player 2 is the best hand.

But if you use the wireless earphones, you don??t need to look at the poker analyzer any more. Everything will become much easier.

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