Aviator Infrared Ink Sunglasses for marked cards


Aviator infrared sunglasses has the same size with the ordinary sunglasses. It works with marked playing cards. Normally used in poker cheat.

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Our aviator infrared sunglasses have an aluminum frame in golden and two PVC eyeglasses in deep purple. It has the same size with the ordinary sunglasses.
This pair of cool and stylish aviator infrared sunglasses could be used in poker games. Also, you can wear them outside for a long time and they can protect your eyes.
Aviator infrared sunglasses and marked poker cards are perfect partners. Infrared sunglasses work together with the marked playing cards printed by invisible ink. Only by wearing the aviator infrared sunglasses could we see the luminous marks. However, other players cannot see the marks with their naked eyes.
With the help of the Aviator infrared sunglasses you can see the back of the cards exactly and even know the result of poker game. More importantly, it is safe and convenient.
Besides, you can check with infrared sunglasses whether the marks of the cards are correct. Without this kind of infrared sunglasses, it is very difficult to check.

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